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Kinesiology Services

EQUIPOISE kinesiology offers a variety of services to suit your needs

Prehab & Rehab

Prehabilitation, or prehab, is a preventative program. Prehab services are geared towards helping individuals stay strong and mobile to prevent injuries. Some programs that have been offered include Fall Prevention Strategies, Low Back Mobility & Stability, and Office Fitness & Ergonomics. These programs can also be focused on muscle and joint health before you go in for surgery; helping build strength and mobility before surgery to help improve recovery.

Rehabilitation, or rehab, is responsive in nature. These programs help restore function after an injury or surgery. These programs can be focused on joint and connective tissue health, musculoskeletal health, or pain management, though normally a combination of all three.

Leg Injury
Healthy Food

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Diseases are conditions that are ongoing throughout ones life. These conditions require care and attention but do not need to be debilitating. Chronic Disease Management Programs address issues like diabetes, heart disease, stroke and brain injury, multiple sclerosis, as well as issues like chronic low back pain. 

These programs typically have educational components to help encourage long-lasting lifestyle changes. 

Outdoor & Sport Specific Training

Outdoor training can be incorporated into any of the other services. Exercising in the gym or on your living room floor has its benefits, but as humans we can easily get bored of the same hum-drum routine. Outdoor training allows individuals to soak up some Vitamin D, explore a new venue and exercise in a way that will challenge you. Outdoor training also offers a unique cross-training experience for athletes. This may include a walk in your neighbourhood, snowshoeing around Centennial Park, kayaking along the river, or hiking Mink Mountain.

Sport Specific Training is a combination of functional training related to the sport or activity itself as well as supplementary conditioning aimed at improving the individual components related to a skill. For example the functional training for running would include hill training, trail running, speed work, and race paced runs; while the supplementary training would focus on muscle strength and power (or endurance, depending on your style of running) as well as mobility and stability work. 

Winter Hike

Soft Tissue Release

Soft Tissue Release is a form of manual therapy that can be utilized to facilitate joint and muscle movement. Some common techniques I apply include: proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), neural glides, and trigger point therapy. These techniques are not to be confused with massage therapy and are used as supplementary therapies during a session. 

These techniques can be done with the kinesiologist or on your own. Some useful supplies include foam rollers, acupressure balls, yoga straps, towels, and bands.

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